A tattoo can have many meanings: fashion, art, the memory of a loved one, a feeling or desire that you want to record forever on your body.

Not everyone can capture that desire you have in mind and capture it beautifully on your skin. In Yasmany Tattoo Pro we know how to connect with you.

Custom tattoos in Tampa Bay

The tattoo is a way to temporarily or permanently modify the skin with drawings, shapes or texts, the use of which dates back thousands of years. It is based on the injection into the dermis of some pigment with the help of needles or other utensils.

At present, tattooing techniques have evolved a lot and have been perfected, becoming safer and more accessible, for this reason they have spread to all latitudes and cultures. If we take into account the complexity, beauty and attractions of the works that are carried out today and also their unique and personal character, or even the meaning they have for the one who designs them or wears it on their body, we can affirm that tattoo has become an art in the fullest sense of the word.

In Yasmany Tattoo Pro can find an experienced artist capable of making your dreams come true by mastering various tattoo techniques ranging from color or black and white tattoos to cosmetic techniques such as Microblanding and Scalp Micropigmentation, among others . Always with personalized service and meeting the highest established hygiene standards, the studio ONLY USES quality DISPOSABLE PRODUCTS and HIGH-END INKS recognized and endorsed internationally.

We work in shifts, to make an appointment you can contact us by phone or WhatsApp at +1 (813) 705-3498.

Color Tattoos

Black and White Tattoos

Frequently Asked Questions about Tattoo

Do you need an appointment?

Yes, appointments are normally made by phone or via WhatsApp . You can contact us by the number: +1 (813) 705-3498

Is it painful to get a tattoo?

The area of the body to be tattooed, as well as the tolerance of each person, makes the sensation of more or less pain, when tattooing near the bone the sensation is a little stronger than where there is more muscle or fat.

What should I consider before getting a tattoo?

Avoid being exposed to the sun or UVA rays before the appointment. We recommend going to the session without having consumed alcohol or drugs and resting adequately the previous hours. You should avoid going on an empty stomach and preferably eat some sugar or chocolate in advance.
Let us know of possible contagious diseases, pregnancy or use of pacemakers or similar.

Is the body part I chose appropriate for a tattoo?

There are parts of the body that are more or less sensitive, which require more work and sessions, or touch-ups in the future. It is also important to consider if the design you want to tattoo flows well with the chosen area. You can consult us to clarify any doubts and advise you appropriately.

What is the minimum age to get tattooed?

The minimum age to get tattooed in our studio without parental consent is 18 years, upon presentation of your identity card. We only tattoo minors between the ages of 15 and 17 with the written consent of one of the parents who must be present.

What care should I follow after getting tattooed?

The sensation that is noticeable in the first hours after the tattoo is done will be like a small burn.
Basically you need to wash the tattoo with warm water, neutral soap and apply some ointment that we recommend for about 15 days. You should keep in mind that each person is different and the healing time also changes depending on the type of skin, the area of the tattoo, etc. It is also recommended to avoid swimming pools, jacuzzis, sea water and the sun.

Can I exercise after getting the tattoo?

This will depend on the size and area where the tattoo was made. Care must be taken with some exercises, depending on the tattooed area, and with the use of devices that may be infected and contaminate the worked area.

Do they need to be touched up?

Normally it is not necessary to touch up tattoos right after making them, but in some cases depending on the style of the tattoo, affected area, etc., some touch-up may be necessary.