Rejuvenate your image.
Achieve a natural shaved head effect by camouflaging that alopecia that makes you look older.

Tattooed Scalp Micropigmentation in Tampa Bay

Micropigmentation consists of injecting pigments under the skin in order to give it a shade similar to that of hair color . The objective is to achieve a better appearance in those areas where the person suffers from alopecia (localized hair loss or baldness) trying to achieve the natural shaved head effect.

If you are one of those who have lost some hair or have severe alopecia and you are concerned about its presence; our studio puts within your reach the opportunity to improve your appearance.

in Yasmany Tattoo Pro we guarantee this service. Our seal of professionalism and respect for the client distinguishes us.

Frequently asked questions about Scalp Micropigmentation

Is it required to make a reservation or appointment in advance?

Yes, a reservation must be previously coordinated by phone or WhatsApp . Our contact number is: +1 (813) 705-3498

How long does a session last?

The procedure ranges from 1:30 to 3 hours depending on the length and complexity of the parts to be treated.

How long does results last?

Micropigmentation achieves semi – permanent results. In accordance with the characteristics, conditioning, good treatment and conservation of the leather, in good conditions, the process can reach 2 years perfectly, requiring a review or retouching after a few months. Over time, the pigments will not completely disappear; however, their color intensity will fade, therefore, maintenance is necessary. In this sense, we recommend going for a review every 12 months to assess its status and make the appropriate modifications.

Are there sequelae after applying the treatment?

There are usually no major sequelae. At most, and in cases of shivering of the skin, slight redness or tiny scabs appear that are perfectly hidden by the scalp itself and, in 2 or 3 days, remain totally invisible.

Can this treatment be carried out to hide alopecic areas or scars?

Yes, in fact that is one of its uses. Scalp micropigmentation can be carried out in any area of the head and practice in both men and women .

In addition to capillary micropigmentation, do you offer other tattooing techniques?

Yes, we also offer related services such as the makeup technique known as Microblading (or eyebrow tattooing hair by hair) or traditional body tattoos.